Audio Commentary Tracks

Below are the audio commentary tracks for all the films we’ve watched, with the exception of the first “episode” which was really just a test recording. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the page. For all tracks, instructions for syncing are at the beginning of the recording. Enjoy!

Tiger Heart (from episode 46):

Blood Money (from episode 45):

Forever Evil (from episode 44):

Dark Angel aka I Come in Peace (from episode 43):

Cobra (from episode 42):

Zeus the Crime Killer (from episode 41):

Picasso Trigger (from episode 40):

The Wraith (from episode 39):

Destroyer AKA Shadow of Death (from episode 38):

Dead End Drive In (from episode 37):

Bodyrock (from episode 36):

Gymkata (from episode 35):

Bloodstone: Subspecies II (from episode 34):

New Year’s Evil (from episode 33):

Don’t Open Til Christmas (from episode 32):

To All a Good Night (from episode 31):

Trick or Treat (from episode 30):

Creature from the Black Lagoon (from episode 29):

Phantasm (from episode 28):

Sleepaway Camp (from episode 27):

A Slow Bullet…the War Comes Home (from episode 26):

Geteven (from episode 25):

Rock House (from episode 24): 

Double Down (from episode 23): 

Runaway (from episode 22): 

Official Denial (from episode 21): 

Icebreaker (from episode 20): 

Black Christmas (from episode 19):

Ghostkeeper (from episode 18):

Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast (from episode 17):

A Slow Bullet … The War Comes Home (from episode 15):

Prey of the Jaguar (from episode 16):

Arcade (from episode 14):

Halloween II (from episode 13):

The Boogens (from episode 12):

Hack ‘o’ Lantern (from episode 11):

The Fly (from episode 10):

Hardcase and Fist (from episode 9):

Prayer of the Rollerboys (from episode 8):

No Retreat, No Surrender (from episode 7):

DNA (from episode 6):

Split Second (from episode 5):

The Brain (from episode 4):

The Revenger (from episode 3):

Witchtrap (from episode 2):

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