Ep 28 “Phantasm” (1979)

This week we watched one of our favorites. While some residue of the 70s still clings to it, Don Coscarelli’s masterpiece is one of the greatest horror movies of all time.


The movie is a tale about inter-dimensional obsession. A tall man, played by the late Angus Scrimm, relentlessly pursues a young boy as he conscripts the dead into his army of slaves.

Here’s the tall man:


And here’s the boy:


And here’s the army of slaves:


As I said, there is some icky 70s residue, most of which is summed up perfectly in the following screenshot,


but it’s more than made up for with horror devices,


and graveyard hijinks.


During this episode we talk about the benefits of under-explaining in horror movies, the value of atmosphere, non-linear storytelling, and building a movie universe. Enjoy the discussion. After, head over to our Audio Commentary Tracks page and listen to us watch the movie. Instructions are contained in each commentary track that will help you sync it up with your copy of the movie.

When you’re finished, go play outside, but maybe steer clear of the Morningside funeral home and cemetery. There’s some odd stuff going on over there.

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