Ep. 39 “The Wraith” (1986)

This week we’re bringing you a beautiful story about a man who returns from space or the grave or whatever to avenge his own death by racing cars and exploding people over and over and over again. vlcsnap-2017-06-01-23h29m22s610Apparently there was a car culture in the 80s. I had previously said there wasn’t. I stand corrected.


Yep. There was burger shacks, and sock hops, cars, and murder. Wait.


Alright let’s just run with it. Murder. You see, Packard’s gang is stealing cars and killing people. They killed Charlie Sheen’s character so he came back as the wraith pictured above. This is Packard:


Sheen’s character starts racing and romancing Packard’s best girl even though he totally pinned her first.


Anyway, there’s a whole lot of this:


Way too much, in fact. But in a lot of other ways this movie is amazing. The soundtrack is totally radical, the visuals are stunning, and the strange, disjointed plot lends a surreal touch to the whole thing. Plus it has Clint Howard.


The only thing I wish it didn’t have was a sad ending. Here’s Charlie Sheen’s character’s brother in a heartbreaking moment after he realizes who the Wraith was and that’s he’s lost his brother again.


Let’s end on a more cheerful note.



When you’re finished losing your pink slip, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page and grab our commentary so you can watch the movie with us. After that, go play outside, but watch for exploding cars.


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