Ep 27 “Sleepaway Camp” (1983)

This week we commenced our annual, month-long, horror-stromboli with a camp horror-movie that continues to scar viewers thirty four years later. Normally viewer trauma is attributed to a single, disturbing shot, the final shot of the film. I’m not going to spoil that one for you. Here’s what we will do, however…


I’m going to show you the greatest parade of short shorts we’ve ever seen. And I’m not going to lie — my original intent was to write up a nice synopsis with clever jokes. But the movie is a pretty wrote slasher that features, as they seemed to, some element of cross-dressing. Nothing super captivating. But as time went on I realized I was captivated by shots like this:


and soon I discovered why. It’s the shorts. Then I found more.


and more…


Honestly, the fact that I can’t not post them probably says more about me than about the movie. I’m comfortable with that. After all, I wear short shorts, too. I think I’ve finally found my people.


When you’re finished listening to the podcast, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page and download a free riff of the movie to sync up with your copy of the film. After that, go play outside, but don’t overdress.

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