Ep 45 “Blood Money” (1991)

This week we’re back after a long hiatus to join the rest of the podratic equation in celebrating Wings Hauser month. Our humble offering:


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Ep. 40: “Picasso Trigger” (1988)

This week we’re doing our part for the Andy Sidaris podcrawl, Y’all. It’s an inaugural event to commemorate the formation of the the Podratic Equation, a new podcast network full of shows almost as sleazy (in one way or another) as we are. We thought it would be appropriate to watch some sleazy but fun movies to celebrate so many sleazy but fun shows coming together. So, we give you Picasso Trigger. vlcsnap-2017-06-06-16h02m25s024 Continue reading

Ep. 40: Picasso Trigger, coming soon! Also, we’re joining a podcast network.

We’ve joined The Podratic Equation, a brand new network of similarly sleazy, low-tech, but unbelievably fun podcasts.

To celebrate, we and all the other shows in the network so far, That’s Cool That’s Trash, Dadbodcast, Wax On Wax Lyrical, and Paths of Glory have agreed to watch some of the sleaziest, most low-tech, and fun movies ever, from filmmaker Andy Sidaris, patron saint to sleazeballs everywhere (love you, Andy!).

This is the man that gave us renowned performers Kym and Patticakes, who are and always will be the best thing I’ve ever seen in a movie.


That’s Cool That’s Trash has already released the first in this Andy Sidaris podcrawl, which will eventually take you through many of his early classics. Go and download their “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” episode here.

We’re up next with “Picasso Trigger,” which will post later this week. See you then!