Rogueriffers? What the hell is a rogueriffer?

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the podcast. We still riff movies just as we have for years, but now we’re putting up a weekly podcast , mainly using the pre- and post- movie discussions spliced together, so you get a sort of before and after experience.

We’ll also post a recording of the during-movie discussion (an audio commentary track) in case you want to watch along with us. You just need a copy of the movie. I suggest you download it from of a torrent site because much of what we riff is ripped from long out of print VHS tapes. That won’t always be the case, of course. Sometimes we like to watch brand new, big budget movies, but they’re usually terrible, so you shouldn’t feel bad about not paying for them.

We all have pretty varied interests. Dave loves mild recreational drugs and video games and being angry. Lad loves comics and video games and being quiet. I like wearing tiny shorts. Frenchy loves climbing through bathroom windows and ducking down alleys trying to evade police. But whatever our interests, wonderful, low budget, bad, or obscure movies will always be the common thread in our discussion.

With regard to how we pick the movies, we always pick something we like for one reason or another, even if some people would call it a bad movie. And maybe they are bad in some way, or a lot of ways, but there’s going to be something in it we think we’ll genuinely love. Sometimes we choose well, and sometimes we don’t.

I think Dave put it well when he said, “(Movies with something in them we like) are the most fun to riff. Look, it’s not like we’ll never do plain, old bad movies, but I think other people do that enough. The spectacle of bad movies is one thing, but when it comes to three guys having fun watching a movie, I think the ‘having fun’ part is the most important.”


From right to left: Dave, Lad, Frenchy, and me, Jack.

From right to left: Dave, Lad, Frenchy, and me, Jack.

You can also find our shows on Stitcher, Itunes, and Google Play Music.


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