Ep. 41 “Zeus the Crime Killer” (1985)

This week we start our loose-cannon-cop-that-plays-by-his-own-rules month. Lad’s choice:

vlcsnap-2017-07-15-01h28m57s297This is a one-man show, really. George Pan-Andreas, pictured here as a Central American landscaper, for real, wrote directed and starred in the whole mess.


We felt that Sgt. Briefcase (middle, wearing the hat) really stole the show, though.


There’s also some incredibly un-erotic folk dancing ( I suppose “un-erotic folk” is sort of redundant),


And a bizarrely comedic conclusion that rivals anything Beckett or Jarry ever produced for pure, rectum-tightening absurdity. Here is the face of the absurd:


After you’re finished listening to the podcast, grab our audio commentary track for the film here and listen to us watch the movie. Trust me it’ll ease the pain. After that, go play outside, but beware of watches given as gifts by presidents of the United States’s.


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