Ep 34: “Bloodstone: Subspecies II” (1993)

What a special day! This isn’t just any old episode of our podcast — it’s a super special one. Special! I mean, sure, we’re doing a movie not unlike all the other movies we do (which we do because we love you and because we’re all special), Bloodstone: Subspecies II. But we’re doing it in tandem with several other talented, also special people. Special!vlcsnap-2017-01-31-20h18m03s379

We’re doing a podcrawl with That’s Cool, That’s Trash, Bad Movie Night, and Wax On, Wax Lyrical.

TCTT is responsible for dropping part I of the collabo, to borrow the parlance of people younger and cooler than I am, and we took the second film in the franchise. BMN picks up part three, the third subspecies movie which is called — going out on a limb here — Subspecies III. Finally, WOWL finishes out the series with the final installment, Subspecies IV. You should drop everything you’re doing and go listen to it.

Our film is basically about a vampire,


his mom (who is just plain gross),


and a bloodstone:


There are other characters in the movie, but they don’t really matter much, and  if you saw part I, you know what to expect. Enjoy, and let us know what you think and of course if you’d like to see more collaborations!

When you’re finished with all that, head over to our audio commentary tracks page and listen to us watch the movie. After that, go play outside, but take a napkin because you’ve got a little spit there on your chin. It’s dripping. No, on the other side. Here, let us get it…


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