Ep. 40: “Picasso Trigger” (1988)

This week we’re doing our part for the Andy Sidaris podcrawl, Y’all. It’s an inaugural event to commemorate the formation of the the Podratic Equation, a new podcast network full of shows almost as sleazy (in one way or another) as we are. We thought it would be appropriate to watch some sleazy but fun movies to celebrate so many sleazy but fun shows coming together. So, we give you Picasso Trigger. vlcsnap-2017-06-06-16h02m25s024In it, Andy Sidaris, an award winning sports television producer, takes a stab at action and espionage, but he puts a very distinct imprint on it. Let’s just say he focuses on three things, and really does those three things well:

Amazing outfits,


Softcore nudity,


And children’s toys with explosives taped to them,


And that’s really all you need to know.

After you’re finished listening to the podcast, grab our audio commentary track for the movie here and listen to us watch it with you. After that, go play outside. But if you see a child’s toy, steer clear.

After that, check Paths of Glory podcast for the next episode in the crawl, featuring “Savage Beach” (1989) and “Return to Savage Beach” (1998)

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