Ep. 38 “Destroyer” (AKA “Shadow of Death”) (1988)

Look, there’s a lot I can say about Destroyer AKA Shadow of Death. It’s a great 80s horror movie about a killer lurking in an abandoned prison where a movie (inside the movie) is being filmed. It’s gory and fun. But there’s only three things you need to know to understand the movie: it’s about hair, one of the greatest shower scenes of all time, and Lyle Alzado tossing stunt men around like ragdolls.vlcsnap-2017-05-09-09h45m57s954I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here’s the hair (the star),


and here is his hair’s co star,


Here’s Lyle Alzado clotheslining a stunt man off a motorcycle through a glass windshield, just one of many brutal stunts in this film,


And here is one of the few frames I can post from one of the finest shower scenes of all time (I’m also pretty sure this is how I want to die),


This movie also accurately depicts the general sort of person who’s into this kind of scene (left to right, Jack, Dave, Lad not pictured),


They really did a stunning job capturing our likenesses.

If you’re the kind of person who likes company during a movie like this, go to our audio commentary tracks page so you listen to us watch the movie. If you’re like me, just sit there alone in your filthy trench coat and watch it like we always knew you would, alone.

Either way, after you’re finished, go play outside and let some sunshine in because things got kind of gross there for a second.

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