Ep. 43 “Dark Angel” aka “I Come in Peace”

This week we finished our series of rogue-loose-cannon-forgot-the-rulebook cop movies with this beauty.

vlcsnap-2017-09-30-19h29m33s556I usually try to say something about the movie itself, but I think this movie isn’t really about drug dealing aliens, Dolph spin kicking robbers through windows, pumping Boner for information, or even a man driving a zamboni through a parking garage in the middle of the night. Those are all things that happen in this movie, but it’s really about people, both ordinary and extraordinary, making faces.


That’s Dolph. He just punched an alien drug dealer.

This is the alien drug dealer, who also makes cool faces:


This is Dolph’s partner:


This is Boner:


And this is the lady that gave us all a … well, you know:


Anyway, when you’re finished absorbing the panoply of grotesque facial contortions that is this movie, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page to listen to us watch the movie.

After that, go play outside, but if someone in a van offers to shoot heroin into your chest, beware. He may be trying to harvest your endorphins.


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