Ep. 44 “Forever Evil” (1987)

This week we watched a classic. It’s most notable not for its two hour run time, or its bizarre mixture of horror, buddy cop, and adventure tropes, but because almost every frame of this movie is a a soft jazz album cover.


I took all these shots from the first ten minutes of the movie. Jake Jakely, star of the adult contemporary soft jazz world, really uses this movie to work out various ideas for the covers of his albums.

Here he is with Sally “the bear” Fiefelmann, for the cover of their duets album.


Here he is with his full backing band, The Boy Street Boys, for their album, Jazz Veneer,


Here he is again with the Boys, posing for the cover of his album, Window Dressings,


Finally, this is the cover of his groundbreaking album, Jake Jakely’s Ocean Tones, recorded with seminal sousaphonist Stavros Stavros,


I’m not really sure how to explain this last one, though. I think things got weird for Jakely in the late 90s when he toured with the Monkey Grinders as part of his jazz-metal fusion phase. Anyway it’s the cover of Keeper of Stabs,


Whether you’re into jazz fusion or not, when you’re finished listening to the podcast, head on over to the audio commentary tracks page and listen to us watch the movie. After that, go outside and play, but be careful about starting up real estate deals with demons. They sometimes get ejected from our dimension before closings, and then you’re stuck paying all associated fees yourself.



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