Ep. 25: “Geteven” (1993)

This week’s movie is called “Geteven,” or “Road to Revenge,” or “Champagne and Bullets,” depending on how patient you are.


There are so many ways I could honor this film, the third in our “am-auteur-apalooza” series. I think the most appropriate way, though, is to shed some light on its crown jewel, the shimmy slide, and let it sparkle in that light.

Here’s the video:

For those of you who had a hard time understanding the lyrics, I’ve provided them:

“Well they sleep and they slidin’ all across the floor,

Groovin’ to the judenĀ and then stopping some more,

That’s when my highest cat chews and he starts to sing,

Oh pretty baby. Ma’am, can you swing?

The beets tart to movin’ as they push me from my chair,

My fingers start-a-snappin’ water Ron through your hair,

I got to get to ewe butter can’t put decide,

‘Cause everybody’s due in the shimmy and the slight.

Oh! You’re on fire! And I grab you bite the hand,

The weigh steel’s movin’ with the rhythm of the ban,

My eyes swell up as you take me for a ride,

Come on, pretty baby, let’s do the shimmy slide.

(Dance now*)

Well I hat a cuddle bears and I’m feelin’ just write,

I’m sweatin’ all over ’cause I’m dress is so tight,

I try to act cool but you Jess won’ts top,

Oh, pretty baby, you bake me so hot.

It’s try to goal home you’re gonna chomp in your car,

I know I got to stun you ’cause my heart’s on fire,

“Cause say “Chomp! In let’s gopher awry,”

Baby we’ll do the shimmy and the sly.

Your heart’s on fire! When I grab you by the ham,

The way skill’s movin’ wither-rhythm of the ban,

My eyes swell up as you take me photo ride,

Comb on, pretty baby, let’s do the shimmy slide.

(Dance again**)

Whoo! Let’s dooldle (?) again!

Whoa! You’re on fire! Well, I grab you by the hand,

Uruguay’s till movin’ to the rhythm of the ban,

My eyes swell up as you take me for a ride,

Come on, pretty baby let’s doodle, shim, y slide.

Hot! Damn!

*If you’re Wings Hauser, drink.
**If you’re John DeHart, shuffle uncomfortably from side to side while others dance, and keep your eyes on the exit sign.
Just as the genuinely stupid but for some reason revered “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” no one will ever really know the true meaning of this cryptic work of genius, but that won’t stop me from offering my theory. I think the song may have been a cry for help. There are clues hidden in it, numerous references to serious medical disorders: burning sensations in the heart and extremities, and the swelling eyeballs most alarming among them. John, if you’re out there, please see a physician.
In all seriousness, this movie is a blast. John DeHart is a perfect straight man, Wings Hauser is like a less sinister Dennis Hopper, and there’s nudity. Enjoy. This 13-year-old boy and his mom certainly seem to be.
After you’re finished listening to us talk about the movie, grab your copy of the film and head on over to our audio commentary tracks page and listen to us watch the movie. You can watch it, too. After that, go play outside, but if you’re eyes start to swell up, see a physician.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 25: “Geteven” (1993)

  1. This movie is pure gold!
    By the way if you ever find yourself in trouble with “the man” you can contact trial lawyer John De Hart Esq. at his website.
    I’m sure he’ll use the old Shimmy Slide to solve all your legal woes.

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