Ep. 24: “Rock House” (1988)

This week we watched the 1988 action film, Rock House, also known as “A Deadly Addiction.” ImageDon’t worry about the plot — it’s fine. Don’t worry about the music — it’s awesome. There’s plenty of action, too.After all, it’s got Gregory Scott Cummins. Here’s a photo of him if you don’t remember his performance in Hack ‘o’ Lantern:


What this movie really means, to me at least, is two things: hot 80s girls, and oysters.

Of course, “hot 80s girls” is self-explanatory. Here’s a picture of one.


But I should explain oysters.


This movie is a more-or-less by-the-numbers cop action flick, until it digresses for 60 seconds and shows the viewer one of the most surrealistically enthusiastic depictions of three men enjoying a meal of oysters that has ever been captured on film.









I know — it’s weird. Here are some more pictures of hot 80s girls to make you feel whole again.


After you’re finished listening to the podcast, grab your copy of the film, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page, and listen to us watch the movie. After that, go play outside, but use plenty of Aqua Net.

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