Ep. 22: “Runaway” (1984)

This week we watched Runaway, which is essentially a movie about how great it would be if ultra-sophisticated robots took over parts of our lives and jobs, if we only had the tech to build them correctly. That’s it — no warnings about the dangers of technology or commentary on our humanity in an an increasingly automated world — just a movie about how sweet robots are if you don’t screw them up. More or less.


Anyway, it had Tom Selleck, and was very good in it.


Hey, the guy’s a fun actor. What can I say? It also had Gene Simmons.


He was pretty good, too, but nothing like in Too Young to Die.

It also had lots of robots. There were robots that de-catapillar your corn crops:


Robots that buttle for you:


Robots that sniff around dead bodies for some reason,


Robots that electrocute Tom Selleck whick Kirstie Alley looks on nonchalantly,


Robots that chase your car and try to blow it up,


There are robots that kill you by injecting acid in your neck (okay, maybe there’s a little bit of an admonition about the use of technology here),


Gene Simmons even has little robots in his gun that direct his bullets to a particular person,


Finally, there are robots who could give Lawrence Olivier a run for his money as they deliver a death scene like no human ever has…


Anyway, after you’re finished with the podcast, grab your copy of Runaway, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page, and listen to us watch the movie. After that, go play outside, but do it yourself. No using robots to play outside for you.

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