Schedule Update!

Our podcast will be posted every other week, now, instead of every week. Hopefully those of you who are checking in will keep doing so and stay with us. I will do my best to get each episode up by Saturday night at the latest.

We’re just keeping ourselves fresh so we don’t let the stress of watching movies and having a friendly conversation get to be too much. In all seriousness, though, we’re all busy guys. Since the post-production is strictly a one-man-show, I’m pacing myself. We all agreed it would be better to get episodes up at regular intervals than to do as many as we could in any given period.

We may throw up a bonus episode every now and then, especially around the Halloween season, but expect regular episodes to air every two weeks on Saturdays.

We’ll see you this weekend (February 1) with our next episode, Runaway. Think Magnum P.I. meets Chopping Mall. 

All our best,

Rogue Riffers

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