Ep. 21: “Official Denial” (1994)

Welcome back! This week we watched “Official Denial” (1994), one of the first Sci Fi channel original movies, and also one of the first movies Lad ever riffed.

ImageIt’s about aliens abductions, and by that I mean aliens abducting people,


but also — and this is probably much more creepy — people abducting aliens, especially when those aliens are played by 12-year-old ballerinas for some reason.


By the way, the main character, Paul, does in fact get probed, but only nasally.


He alludes to having his sperm harvested (I shit you not) later in the film, but just what that might look like is left up to the audience’s imagination. This ┬áis how my imagination pictured it:


Anyway, this movie has Face from the A-Team,


A nice couple takes an abducted alien on a hike, which isn’t weird at all,


And a bunch of other stuff happens, but you’ll get no spoilers here. I will sum up this movie with a sequence of the aliens’ crashed ship turning into a rainbow.


After you’re finished listening to the podcast and you’re all psyched up to see the film, get a copy of it and head on over to our audio commentary tracks page so you can listen to us watch it. After that, go play outside, but avoid any strange blue lights or you’ll get the nasal probe. Unless maybe you’re into that kind of thing.

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