Ep. 18: “Ghostkeeper” (1982)

We’re still snowed in! It’s week two of our winter dunder-land December, and we’re continuing our run of movies related to winter, snow, cold or anything similar. This week’s movie, “Ghostkeeper” (1982), effectively replicates the tedium of being snowed in.


This film is about three people, unwitting, as per usual, who snowmobile to a secluded mountain hideout. They get a warning from this quaint fellow before they go. He calls movies ‘moving pictures’. It’s charming.


This is the lodge. If you’re wondering, we didn’t spot any deer.


Of the three witless main characters, two are sort of dating. It’s casual.


The third is a dirty, dirty interloper. Here she is recounting the story of luring a substitute high school teacher into a tryst, for which he paid $40. In fairness to her, they did it twice, and $20 a pop isn’t bad, even with inflation.


The other two listen quietly as she tells her tale, the woman gets more despondent and then just glares icily at her, and the man just gets a big fat smile out of it. Notice the placement of the couple (relative to each other) before the story,


and after:


There are three more characters: a crazy old woman,


Her son (I think),


and a guy who lives in an igloo in the basement. He has a skin condition and I think he’s supposed to be the Windigo.


There are basically two kinds of scenes throughout most of the film. The first is long, lingering shots of the brunette woman staring at things. Here are just a couple:


The other kind of scene is simply any one that is unnecessarily long. Here’s the brunette climbing not one, but two flights of stairs, slowly. And we get to see every step. Here are some highlights:


Anyway, I won’t spoil everything for you — let it suffice to say that not many people make it to the end of this film, and, no, I don’t mean the audience. Just in case you’re prone to get attached to affable old shopkeeps like I am, I’ll warn you. Remember this guy?


He doesn’t make it. This is how he goes:


It’s not a happy movie, nor does it have a happy ending. If you need some help getting through it, just head on over to our audio commentary tracks page and listen to us watch the movie. After that, go play outside, but bring snowshoes … just in case.

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