Ep. 13: Halloween II (1981)

This week we finished our Horror-tober-strava-ganza-thon with Halloween II. It takes place immediately after the events of part one, so the fact that this is going up on November 1st seems apropos.


This film wasn’t directed by John Carpenter, but Rick Rosenthal, who had a long career that included zero other horror movies except for Halloween: Resurrection. That’s the one with Busta Rymes in case you didn’t remember it. Also, if you didn’t remember it, you were one of the lucky ones.

Dave and Lad didn’t like this one as much as I do, but it is not without its flaws. First of all, it repeats some of the silliest scenes from the first film, such how there were obviously stairs leading up to the railing Michael Myers falls off of (since he clearly falls from the top of the railing and not over it) after he’s shot by Donald Pleasance’s character, Dr. Loomis.


And that, judging by the mark he left on the grass, he burst into flame during his fall.


Anyway, there is legitimate horror in this movie. For example, this ham is probably not properly cooked.Image

No, seriously, though. There are some good scary moments, which we discuss. Here are some of the more memorable kills:


If you look closely you can see the pyrotechnics going off under the van. Pinned between the van and police car that was inexplicably barreling down a residential street at 80 mph on Halloween night is Ben Tramer, Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis’s) sort of love interest from the first film. He was dressed like Michael Myers so it’s supposed to be a red herring.

Here is a hot tub where a paramedic and a nurse have some sexy hijinks, a thing that was sorely lacking from most of the film.


Why does the hot tub go up to 11, you say? Fuck if I know. But Michael’s not letting an opportunity like that go by:





Here are some more kills that don’t need explanations:




Here is a love story that desperately needs an explanation but has none that I can see:


The kid with the afro woos Laurie by sneaking into her room even though he’s been expressly forbidden from going in there, staring at her while she’s sleeping, and offering her soda. Granted, that’s exactly how I woo girls, but for some reason he has more success with the method.

Here’s the real hero of the movie:


And here’s how Michael meets his end:


Finally, one of the best things in this movie, something legitimately disturbing that I’d missed for years (probably because I was watching crappy VHS copies), is the kid who gets taken to the hospital about fifteen minutes in. If you look closely enough you’ll see that thing in his bloody mouth is — yep — a razor blade. Well done, Carpenter.


After you’re done being creeped out, either by my wooing techniques, or by the razor blade, or even Donald Pleasance for that matter, head on over to our audio commentary tracks page and listen to us watch the movie! After that, go play outside, but look out for police. Apparently they are egregiously reckless drivers and their cars explode on impact.

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