Episode 5: “Split Second” (1992)

This week we watched Split Second, a 1992 film directed by Tony Maylam.


The film takes place in the future plagued by the effects of global warming, but was made in the past, which is ironically a time when people took the idea of global warming seriously.

Weird how this was considered more science and less fiction then...

Weird how this was considered more science and less fiction then…

The film prominently features Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall’s boobs (though less prominently). We decided to show you Rutger Hauer here since you’ve probably already seen Kim’s junk.


In this film he plays the science teacher from Starship Troopers:


He also takes a timid, nerdy sidekick under his wing:


I managed to get Rutger to come by my house for a commentary track cameo, but he slipped and fell in my bathroom and was unable to record:


Anyway, the creature in this film, pictured here:


What an original creature design...

What an original creature design…

is fond of removing peoples’ hearts:


We found it pretty disheartening, too.

Eventually things work out though and Rutger, Kim, and the nerdy partner sidekick walk away, even though the nerdy sidekick got one of these:

This guy literally gets up, buttons up his shirt, and walk away from this.

This guy literally gets up, buttons up his shirt, and walk away from this.

Oh, and apparently Kim Cattrall was once sort of modest:


Also included in this episode: Dave struggles to pronounce ‘eccentric’, we discuss the prequel to Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”, titled, “The Womb”, and Lad says “babadaboobee.”

On a serious note. If you’re curious about the Wal Mart story we alluded to in the discussion, here’s an article from the Times about it.

We failed to mention it in the podcast, but among Tony Maylam’s many non-noteworthy films there is an actual gem: The Burning, a very good slasher movie starring Jason Alexander and cast full of genuinely likable characters.

When you’re finished with the podcast, grab your copy of “Split Second” and join us while we watch it via our audio commentary track! Instructions for syncing are at the beginning of the file.

When you’re finished with the podcast and the audio commentary and you’ve gone through our back catalogue several times over, send us some emails at riffingrogues@gmail.com , follow us on twitter and send a message to @RogueRiffers, or just leave a comment below.

If you’ve done all that and you’re still bored, go check out The Flophouse Podcast for some brilliant comedy and bad movie discussion. Also check out I Love Bad Movies for some zine/pamphlet love.

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