Episode 3: The Revenger

We’re back after a small break, finally getting some more of the kinks ironed out.

This week we watched The Revenger, a 1989 film by director Cedric Sundstrom, director of American Ninja 3 and American Ninja 4 and who also directed some other stuff probably.


More importantly, this is an Action International Pictures production. That name may sound familiar to fans of Space Mutiny.

Like Space Mutiny, The Revengers featured Steve McClintock singing during the end credits  and our favorite, Guy Pringle, formerly of “Lobster Boy” fame.

This is the kind of movie where you get to watch another movie for a while.


Oliver Reed brought his crazy, drunken antics to the movie. Here he is smoking what I can only assume is crack, laced with PCP (it was the 80s).


Here’s a picture of Oliver Reed’s sex dungeon. No explanation needed.


There was plenty of late 80s fashion:


And of course, Lobster Boy!


During the denouement, we learn that our heroes, thought to be dead, did in fact survive a small kitchen fire,


by hiding under the floorboards. See? They’re fine. No, don’t even ask the questions you’re thinking of asking. They’re FINE.


Oh, and here’s a picture of me in my room (not sure how they got this into the final cut though)!


Finally, you can watch your copy of The Revenger along with us via our audio commentary tracks! Use the download button or just listen along in the player. The instructions to sync the audio with your copy of the film, which I hope you didn’t pay for (if it’s even available commercially), are at the beginning of the recording. Enjoy!

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